Reaching for the Stars at Fifty

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.― T.S. Eliot

A few years back I was stuck in a rut and needed a change of pace in my life. I started to read a lot of self-help books and research on clean eating and clean living. Most of all, I discovered the love for outdoors and adventures through some great friends. I wanted to see the beauty of the world and unbeknownst to me at the time, I was embarking on a journey of self-discovery. This is the year I turn fifty, yes the much anticipated five zero and you’ll probably see more posts around the subject this year. Although my son had reminded me that I’m half a century old, I view it as the beginning of a new chapter with new freedom to experience life at a different level.

As we are packing up our house now for our move, I feel a sense of great accomplishment as I browse through old pictures, certificates, and all the sentimental items collected. I also feel a sense of relief as I let them go and take this opportunity to teach my children to let things go. The changes I see in myself is profound. I no longer crave shopping for trendy clothes, instead, I shop for clothing that I can hike and go around town in. I look at hiking boots instead of heels, climbing gears and backpacks instead of handbags, and I really don’t care if I have to go potty in the woods. Recently, I suggested to my friends about snow camping in the winter, which I never thought I would do just a year ago. I am glad that I have a better half who is willing to do all these crazy things with me. We traveled through different continents, experienced different cultures and hiked through some amazing mountains.

Pushing fifty means my body is not as tough as it used to be. I am still in good health but my joints are feeling the wears and tears from the constant ‘beating’. Often times during a hike or climb, I have to keep motivating myself by envisioning the end goal, be it the summit of a mountain, the comfort of the car or a good ol’ hamburger, my favorite after-hike food. Most of the times, the mountain wins but I always bounce back and tackling them slowly but surely. It’s pure bliss when I’m high up there looking at the horizon and reflecting on the journey up. To reach my goals of at least 26 hikes this year, and fulfilling all the challenges and adventures heading my way, I definitely need to take care of myself with plenty of exercise, physical therapies, and healthy eating.

Just breathe and soak in the view

Age is just a mindset. I try very hard not to let it stop me from doing anything. What had helped me to stay on track are;

  • Writing down my goals on my blog, or just write them down on the calendar.
  • Don’t wait until the new year to come up with a new year’s resolution which often times failed. You can start at any time in the year.
  • Find a friend, a family member, or even a community group who share the same goals or enjoy the same experiences as me. It’s more fun and better yet if this person can also push me to reach further.
  • Be at peace to the fact that I am no longer in my twenties and it just takes twice the time to heal those muscle soreness.

The world is a big place, there are still many things to experience and many more adventures to explore. What are you waiting for?

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