Unplugged from a World Away

Sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected. ~Regina Brett

At this day and age, our daily lives consist of everything electronics and online. Computers, laptops, smartphones, video games, social media connections etc. With all the sensory overloads, there comes a time when enough is enough. We must leave time to unplug, disconnect and head to the mountains, both metaphorically and literally speaking. Last week, we joined some good friends and headed out to Ross Lake Resort in the recreation area of the North Cascades National Park. This place totally fits the bill for ‘unplugging’ because it is remote where there is no direct road access, no internet, cell service, or television. One can opt to hike in or ride the ferry-boat. A few from our group decided to hike in and the rest of us took all the supplies such as food, happy hour drinks (no food or drinks provided at the resort) and went with the boat ride. We started with an almost three-hour car ride from the Seattle area to the ferry-boat ride near the Diablo Lake trailhead. The ferry only runs twice a day so be punctual and don’t miss it. The ferry ride took us up Diablo Lake and lasted maybe about 20 minutes and we arrived at a landing waiting for an open-air flatbed truck to take us up Ross Lake. It was an experience of its own riding on the truck up and down a winding road. After another 15 to 20 minutes we were finally at the landing on Ross Lake across from the resort. A water taxi/speedboat from the resort transported us across the lake in less than a minute, or at least it seemed that way. It took us about 5 hours in total to get there.

The weather was perfect all those days with blue sky, blue lake, the trees, the mountains with a dusting of recent snow and the beautiful floating cabins.

Needless to say without the interference from our electronics, we spent our days talking, laughing and just relax on the deck in front of our cabin. There is a plethora of awesome activities available at the resort and surrounding. There are boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards for rent at the resort, fishing and an abundance of hiking trails in the area. It was a change of pace from the busy city life to days of no schedules. We watched sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moon set everyday. We ate all our meals on the deck with one of the most beautiful backdrops.

We came home totally happy and recharged. We can’t wait to go back or even find another secluded place like this to get away. I know that time generally slips by us when we are so engrossed in work, family or just the day-to-day living. However, taking the time to unplug even just for a few hours or a day a week will reap more benefits than you could imagine. I hope you find some inspiration and challenge yourself to start this and make it a ritual.


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