A Perfect Fall Day

“Good seasons start with good beginnings.” ~ Sparky Anderson

Today is the first day of Fall. In Seattle, it usually means a season for rain, wind and back to school. I started this blog two years ago, looking for a way to document and share our life journey with all its ups and downs. I began with my first post with Celebrating the Season of Change when our daughter moved away from home and started college. Earlier today, it was our littlest turn to move to the university to follow his dreams of becoming a film producer. Needless to say, this mama is feeling sad and happy at the same time. It just hit me right this moment how quiet the house is with only the two of us. On the other hand, I think this is our proudest moment and we are extremely content that they are both out there living their dreams and experiencing all the precious life moments. So, what now?

Now, we start over and write a new chapter in our journey. After sending off our son, we spent some time at the Starbucks Reserve in town enjoying an afternoon tea or I should say coffee time. There is no schedule to follow and no kids to chauffeur. Just relax, eat, talk and people-watching. The freeway was congested so we drove around town and visited the Ballard Locks, one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions. We haven’t been there for more than twenty years and I think the last time we visited we were new in town and no kids in tow yet. Lots of memory flowing through my mind, it seems very fitting that we were there at the time, completing a circle and starting another.

Fall is definitely in the air at the Ballard Locks

This is also a time for us to learn and grow together with them. Learning to let go and trust our children with their judgments and decisions, and for them to know that we will always be there for them, even when we are not closed by. We are also planning lots of trips and adventures with our friends and setting new health and fitness goals so that we can continue to create new experiences.

If you are bored and not sure what to do after your children leave the nest, here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Set a fitness goal, such as hiking, running etc. and start training for it. For example, we will be hiking/climbing a 13er in Asia early next year and training will be in full swing soon.
  2. Find a passion and start a blog writing about it.
  3. Rediscover the town/city that you are living in and find a new place to visit each week/month.
  4. Start a new hobby such as painting, photography, cooking, baking or just pick up the book(s) that you started long ago and never have time to finish.
  5. Go outdoor and hike (notice the theme here, we love to hike and the outdoors).
  6. Learn something new and challenge yourself. I learned to climb earlier this year and loving every minute of it, my challenge is to keep my arthritis at bay so I can keep climbing.
  7. Volunteer your time, I’m sure you can find a cause that is dear to your heart.
  8. Just relax and enjoy each day with a new perspective.

Be sure to follow my blog or check back later for our future adventures!


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