Friday Favorites – Family Fun Time

Potlatch oysters

Last weekend was a three-day Memorial Day weekend in the US. Amazingly, the weather in Seattle was just perfect for those days. Our kids were busy with work and hanging out with friends on Saturday. So my husband and I spent the day pretty much doing nothing. On Sunday we spent a fun day at Potlatch State Park digging and searching for clams and oysters. The park  is only about one and a half hour drive from Seattle. We bought our $15 annual shellfish licenses and off we went. We arrived mid-morning just in time for the start of the low tide. If you followed my blog, you might have read about this park/beach last year camping and clamming with our friends. There were not too many people in the morning so we have plenty of room to dig. We brought our gardening tools, i.e. rake, spades, gloves and buckets but we forgot small stools to sit on. Needless to say, we got a good thigh workout by squatting and upper body workout for digging. The result was awesome.

We turned them into the following dishes for the next two days. The kids requested fried oysters and I also made a variation of the Taiwanese oyster pancakes. They usually come with eggs and sauce but I opted for gluten-free, egg free and soy free version using sweet potato and tapioca flour.  It was also my first time making a gluten-free clam chowder from scratch. They were all very yummy.

Overall it was a fun weekend for us. We plan on digging again in three weeks  and this time we are going to aim for some geoduck. What is your favorite family fun time?

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