Friday Favorites – Delicious Snacks for Travel and anytime in between

I consume snacks daily to keep my focus and sanity. Often times I have to search high and low to find one that is just right and healthy, or I tell myself that it is healthy. You can be the judge once you see my list. When I travel, I do have to plan well and bring a lot of snacks with me especially if I travel to foreign countries. I typically map out all the places that sell specialty groceries before travelling and assess the necessities. I wish the airlines would provide better and more delicious gluten-free and dairy free menu options. Here are some of my must haves and new-found love.

  1. Nuts and seeds – all sorts of nuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios and sunflower seeds are my favorites. I usually buy almond and cashew raw and roast them at home because the commercially available nuts usually have added salt, sugar and different types of oils. Our local Whole Foods Market sells bulk organic nuts that are of good quality. You can also find them online at
  2. All sort of fruits – grapes and berries are my favorites. I am happy that the berry picking season is almost here. Although for air travel it’s probably easier to bring pears or apples. Avocado is a filling breakfast choice for me. Check out the EWG dirty dozen/clean 15 produce list for organic buying choices.

    Raspberry picking

    Freshly picked raspberries

  3. Trail mixes – I found this at our local Costco.  Trail Blaze organic tropical blend and it’s vegan, dairy free and gluten free. You can also make your own with ingredients you like.

    Trail Blaze organic tropical blend

  4. Plantain chips when I need some crunch.

    Plantain chips

  5. Simple Mills almond flour crackers – another great find at Costco. Even the kids love it. I think they finish my box before I have a chance to really enjoy it.

    Simple Mills almond flour crackers

  6. Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies – this is my go to brand for dairy free, gluten free, soy free snacks and chocolate chips for baking.

    Enjoy life chocolate chip cookies

  7. Unreal brand dark chocolate peanut gems – this is a new discovery recommended by a colleague who is a vegan. It’s gluten free, vegan, dairy free, organic, non-GMO and no artificial coloring and flavoring. The peanut butter cups ingredients are a little different so check the package carefully if you are super sensitive. This is a great alternative to peanut M&M that I have been craving for.

    Unreal dark chocolate peanut gems

  8. Almond milk – It is very easy to make yourself but if you just want to grab something off the shelf in the store, I like this brand New Barn organic original almond milk. I used this to make our homemade boba milk tea.

    Almond milk

  9. Dried fruits – naturally dried fruits without additives or sulfites. Coconut flakes/chips, peaches, figs and mangoes are some of my favorites.

What are some of your favorites?

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