Friday Favorites – Beach Nostalgia

Tanjung Aru beach

It’s end of April and we are getting a little closer to beach season. Whenever we talk about a getaway or vacation, my mind would always wander to the beach. I like the sound of the wave, the breeze and just the sight of the beach relaxes me. Although we have been to many beautiful beaches in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Hawaii, and even the Greek islands,  my mind always go back to the beaches around the city where I grew up in Malaysia. I will go into more detail about this beautiful city in a later post.

KK beach

Sabah, Malaysia

Even though it has changed over the years, I can still picture the play area and the warm breeze carrying the smell of the snacks and food sold by the locals. We used to pick seashells, walked on the sand and just enjoyed being there. Time seemed to stop for us. As the economy boom, more resorts and hotels came into the area and everything began to be more hectic and fast paced. From time to time I just like to slow down and smell the roses. As I was looking through old pictures,  it was such a nostalgic moment seeing this picture of my son being so happy when he hit the beach during our trip to Cannon Beach in Oregon when he was a toddler. So when I retire it will be a toss up between living in the quiet small town in the Sicily mountainside or in a beach house somewhere warm.

Cannon beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

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