A Weekend in British Columbia, Canada

It was strange to think that one day I might have my own stack of yellowed photos to show skeptical grandchildren – and my own fantastic stories to share. ~ Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

As we are getting closer and closer towards having an empty nest, it is precious to spend some good and fun family times whenever possible. Last week was a rare occasion where both children were off for a few days from school at the same time. We decided to make a trip up north to our neighbor, British Columbia. We had been there many times before since it is only less than a three-hour drive away. To make the trip more exciting I always try to find us a new experience while visiting. The weather turned out decent enough although a little gloomy and windy. Our first destination was University of British Columbia. This is one of the schools on my son’s list for the film production program. The campus is big and beautiful. They even have a botanical garden and a beach on campus. Walking in the campus brought back some memories of my own time in college years and years ago. 

We also visited Steveston Village and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Canada is celebrating their 150 anniversary of Confederation this year and offering a free discovery pass for free admission to Parks Canada places. So we took the opportunity to visit the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. It is a very interesting place and informational to see all sorts of canning machinery. There is also fish market where you can get fresh seafood from the fishermen. On this cold day, my husband was looking for a cup of coffee and we happened to find the best rum raisin ice cream in a freshly baked waffle cone in the same cafe. We will definitely come back here in the summer when the weather is a little warmer to fully enjoy the stroll outside.

The trip is not complete without some shopping and eating especially with the favorable exchange rate. Richmond is usually our home base because of the vast selections of authentic Asian restaurants. We had our usual Shanghai dumplings, wonton noodles, Chinese Dim Sum, bubble waffle, specialty smoothies, sweet tofu desserts, fruits and was able to bring home some special pastries. Unfortunately these are not the healthy choices of food but I figure once in a while I have to go back to my roots and enjoy some of the traditional food.

After the trip, I feel content, recharged and ready for any challenges.



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