My Favorite Things for a Nourished Journey

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The most important thing is to enjoy your life to be happy, it’s all that matter – Audrey Hepburn

Since I started the clean eating journey a few years back, I had done a lot of searching and learning about food that we consume and products that we use. Not eating that doughnut or french fries or bread or pasta doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying good food. Over time, my palate change and I no longer miss those gluten or grease laden food, although once in a while I do crave the bread. It is a lifestyle change and you can’t do it overnight. The fun part is discovering new recipes, trying new products and knowing that my family is healthier. I hope my list give you some ideas to start your own journey.

  1. Favorite website for specialty items: You can find specialty grocery and health and beauty items at a lower price. Some of my favorites are Native Forest Coconut Milk, Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta-Spirals or Penne, Tonnino Tuna to go with the pasta, Dr. Bronner’s soap and Jason body wash.
  2. Favorite website to check for clean items: The Environmental Working Group (EWG). Very good information on the safety of everyday products that we use.
  3. Favorite place for spices: Penzeys. I shared this before in one my posts and I was bummed that they closed the store in Seattle. They have different mix of good quality spices.
  4. Favorite seafood in a can: If you are looking for canned seafood, give Vital Choice a try. I like their salmon and sardines.
  5. Favorite substitution in recipes: In order to keep eating the food we like, I have discovered some amazing substitutions.
    • Soy sauce – use coconut aminos and fish sauce (brands I use is Coconut Secret or Thrive Market Organic coconut aminos and Red Boat fish sauce). Coconut Secret also make a good tasting teriyaki sauce.
    • Miso paste – Miso Master Organic Chickpea miso paste, yum yum.
    • Dairy – Coconut milk, almond milk.
    • Chocolate chips – Enjoy Life brand mini chocolate chips is dairy, soy and nut free.
    • Sugar – honey, pure maple syrup.
    • Wheat flour – almond flour, coconut flour, rice flour, millet, tapioca flour etc.
    • Oil – avocado oil, olive oil
  6. Favorite cooking equipment:
    • Vitamix blender – love this to make almond butter, hazelnut chocolate sauce/spread and I bought the dry container last year to grind grains.
    • Whynter ice cream maker – I own this for quite a while now and I love the fact that I do not need to pre-freeze the container. Homemade ice cream means you can choose your own ingredients. I love David Lebovitz’s book ‘The Perfect Scoop” and made a lot of the recipes with great success. I have not worked on substituting the ingredients on his recipes though.
    • Le Creuset cookware and bake ware – what can I say, it’s Le Creuset. Although heavy it is safe without the use of Teflon coating; and works well with my induction cook top. I use the dutch oven a lot for simmering sauce, making chili and soups.
  7. Favorite drinks: Water, water, water. No sodas or juices. Sometimes I would go for sparkling water or La Croix flavored sparkling water.

I started this journey by eating organic, non pesticide sprayed fruits. Check out the EWG website for the clean fruits and vegetables list. That slowly evolved into larger scale where we eat almost all organic food or responsibly grown/raised/farmed food. If you have the freezer space, you can find a lot of local farms that sell a quarter, half or whole cow or pig. Other than composting organic waste and recycling, we are also using dish washing detergent that are free of toxic ingredients and gentler to the environment. Most people think that it is hard to embark on this lifestyle change with children but I can assure you that they are resilient and more adaptable to changes than adults. You setting an example is the best way for them to learn. I hope you find some inspiration and move towards a healthier you.


2 Comments on “My Favorite Things for a Nourished Journey

  1. Many inspiring information! Feel happy to see your proactive journey. Hope to try some tips for our family soon… especially chickpea miso paste.


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