Friends+Camping=Good Times

Campfire marshmallow

Friendships started at camp can be separated by miles and months without losing any of their strength.-summercampconfessions

Friends are hard to come by, let alone friends who have similar interests and get along well with you. This summer we went on a camping trip with some old friends and made some new ones along the way. We went to Potlatch State Park looking for clams and oysters. It was two hours of pure hard work digging and shucking for our dinner and the result was an amazingly fun and rewarding experience.

Our dinner menu was extensive; fried oysters, one pot clam bake and clam in white wine sauce. We even had enough to share with our neighbors.

We started camping with our kids ever since they were young and even created our own camping group with friends. I find it very refreshing and relaxing to be into the woods without the urban, modern amenities. The kids learned to play together without their electronics and discovered hiking, biking, beach combing, fishing, playing cards, star gazing, campfires, s’mores and much more. I love hearing the laughter around the camp fire, the smell of the burning woods and reminiscing with friends about the good ol’ times. It’s the simplicity that entice me to go time and again.

Here are some tips for a successful camping trip:

  1. Invite friends and family, whoever.
  2. Do not over pack – you are going to the woods and sleeping on the ground with possibly no bathroom, so leave the fancy stuff at home.
  3. This is the time that you and the kids can stay dirty so relax and enjoy the moment.
  4. Be prepared for bad weather – we had experienced high wind, rain and extremely cold nights.
  5. Bring food that can be easily warmed up or cooked. Most of the time we would cook and freeze some soups at home and leave them in the cooler to thaw. The frozen soups can double as ice packs too. Hot dogs are okay (we rarely eat hot dogs but if we do I buy ones that are made with grass fed beef and no nitrites).
  6. Bring outdoor games.
  7. Don’t forget to bring ingredients for s’mores!!!

Here are some of the places that we have been camping. Hope you find some inspiration to start.

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