Celebrating the Season of Change

The season is changing, the cold nights, the smell of rain in the air, the fallen leaves, the vibrant orange and red, reminding us that time is passing by and Fall is here. Are you ready to celebrate and embrace changes this season?

Our little family is experiencing changes of our own in this opening of Fall season. My daughter Kaitlin is starting her new life as a college coed. Yesterday she moved out of the comfort of the nest and into the campus dormitory. Today my son Ethan got his driver’s license and soon will be coming and going on his own. These are huge milestones, days that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. Definitely a time of celebration even though it’s hard for us parents. Often times as parents we want to shelter our children from the world, especially the bad experiences. However I find that not letting them go and experience those life lessons will hinder their growth and confidence. We need to embrace the fact that they are growing up and we need to take deep breathes and let go. Throughout the years, I tried my best to guide them through their decision making process, feed them clean and nutritious food, and make sure that they are happy at what they are doing. In return I hope those guidance had made an impression and they will be able to make sound decision.

In March of this year, the company I work for provided a wellness class taught by Dr. Andrew Rife, N.D., M.Ed. from Puget Sound Family Health in Tacoma, Washington. The class is called ‘Weigh to Live’, according to Dr. Rife, this program “will help you to discover foods that work well for your body and, more importantly, those that don’t.” At the beginning of the program, both my children joined me on an elimination diet designed to find out our food sensitivities or allergies. There were more than a dozen food groups that we had to avoid for three weeks, and then we added those foods, one at a time every three days. That was a big change for them; I was very impressed and proud of them to have gone through that with me for those two months.  I must say we came up with a lot of delicious new recipes and we made almost everything from scratch. After the two months, we were able to recognized some of our food sensitivities and hence able to completely enjoy our summer vacation. I think this experience brought us a few steps closer knowing that we accomplished a huge challenge and we were there for each other.

Kaitlin has been worried about the ‘freshman 15’ but I have confidence in her to make the right choices. Ethan and I will be taking on the elimination diet again soon, this time we will pull in my husband too (hopefully). I am very proud that Ethan said yes without hesitation. What better way to cleanse our bodies with truly healthy foods? I was always asked this one question, “Do you not feel like you are depriving yourself of all those great tasting food?” My answer would be no, I don’t miss the foods that make me sick. That’s the responsible way to live, for me not eating those foods makes me healthier and feels better. Yes sometimes I may fall off the wagon but that’s life, you’ll always have your ups and downs.

Change is not easy. If you do want to embark on this journey, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t do it yourself—enlist a family member or a friend
  • It’s a lifestyle change not just a ‘diet’—be patient
  • Don’t be discouraged if you fall off sometimes—it will take a few years to get to the constant and become a habit
  • Set milestones and celebrate each of them—be happy and be proud of yourself of what you accomplished
  • Just let loose and do it

5 thoughts

  1. I admire your ability to see the importance of ‘letting go” for your children’s growth and actually make it happen. I know it is specially hard for a mom like yourself who has high expectations and over achieving. Congratulations! I believe your ability to let go is attracting your children to get close to you (another paradox of life.) as shown on your story above.

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